18 Nov 2016

How To Easily Use Miracle Box To fix Invalid/null Imei On Mtk Devices

Miracle Box To fix Invalid Imei On Mtk Devices

Hey guys today am going to show you how to fix null/invalid imei number, we have many apps that can fix this issue but most this apps dont work on some smartphones especially most smartphones running on android marshmallow 6.0. These apps are great apps but they do have their downside for example the mtk engineering app is very easy to use but will not work on some devices with android 6.0 which is really frustrating.

Using chamelephon to repair imei is also easy but requires the device to be rooted.
Again SN Write Tool also have the tendency of show FAILED again and again.

Here is just another tutorial which shows how to fix null/invalid imei number on mtk devices using Miracle Box. This method is simple and does not require you to root the device.

Before proceeding make sure you have installed MTK VCOM Drivers properly on your PC,if you haven't done that you can download the vcom drivers anywhere just google it or you can use this LINK.
  • Download Miracle Box from HERE.
  • Launch Miracle Box.
  • Tick Readinfo
  • Now Press Ctrl + M on your keyboard
  • Two new options IMEI (switched off) and IMEI (switched on) will appear
  • Select IMEI (switched off)
  • Type in the IMEI numbers in the spaces shown (IMEI number of your device is on sticker under your phone)
  • Click Start Button
  • Turn off device and connect to PC with USB
  • Now wait for the process to complete
  • That means the operation was successful
  • Disconnect and boot up device.
  • Do not get concerned if the progress bar is not upto 100%

You can watch the youtube video if you dont fully understand the steps above


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